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Take the hassle out of shopping; our personal shoppers will show you how to be a selective shopper. If you don’t have time to shop, we’ll do it & deliver it to your door.

Our stylists will develop your own sense of style, & find the right trends for you. We cater to all budgets, men & women.



How it works

To find the style that’s right for you, & take the pain & time out of shopping, follow these simple steps:-


New Customers

Click New Customers & request a time & date for your Free Initial Consultation.


Styling Needs

We will call or Skype you back to get to know you & discuss your styling needs.


Select A Service

Fill in the online booking form selecting the services required (detailed below). We can then fufill your style needs.


Repeat Clients

Simply click Returning Customers, to access the shortcut to your personal Style Fix Login, to book in your next style service.


Image Consulting and Personal Shopping


Whatever your need, we can tailor a styling & shopping session for you & your budget. Whether it be the new promotion at work you want to look professional for, finding a new level of stylish comfort for laid-back weekends, or looking confidently stylish for new dates or friendships which are yet to be explored, we can find the right style for you.

Wardrobe Styling


We will analyse your current wardrobe offering, advising which items to wear together, what social encounters your current offering is suitable for, & what key items your wardrobe is lacking. Our personal shoppers can then source these for you.

Special Events


If you have a special event coming up in your social or professional calendar, we can tailor a capsule collection for you.

Online Styling


As a Style Fix customer, you can access our Online Styling service 7 days a week. So if you have a last minute style need, we’re here to help. Contact us, or request a time slot for online styling in the booking form.


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Book a free consultation today

Simply fill in the below booking form, & we will call you back to discuss your styling needs. Let us know if you would prefer a phone call or a Skype call, & provide the necessary info.


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