Words by Nicola Bond

Everyone is talking about Copenhagen’s fashion influence right now, with Scandi fashion gaining a global audience, & Copenhagen becoming a must go-to for today’s fashionista’s (besides the “big four”; New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week). Scandanavian brands are making waves with their classic Scandi interpretation of the latest trends in a chic, minimal, & effortless way.

Scandinavnan style is unique due to its functionality, modern aesthetics and minimalist styling. The simplicity, functionality, and more considered trend aspect of scandinavian style, has made it globally desirable. 

What the world is really loving though is that Copenhagen Fashion Week is at the forefront of sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly fashion; Copenhangen’s Fashion Summit board is working in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals. Such a progressive approach is reflective of Scandi-Nordic designers who embody, embrace, and respect our planet, adding appeal for the environmentally friendly “woke”  generation. Scandanavian brands like, Ganni, Bruuns Bazaar, House of Dagmar, Mads Norgaard, Samsoe and Samsoe, Stine Goya, and Filipa K, are finding themselves on the wishlists of fashionistas worldwide, thanks to their laid back, ready to wear aesthetics. People want comfort and functionality in their professional and personal lives, without sacrificing style and edge; Scandi brands provide such practicality with loads of oomph and style. It is evident from Scandanavian Street Style that ‘anything goes’; from elegant dresses paired with chunky sneakers, to oversized man-style blazers with tailored shorts & heels, whilst always remaining ‘modern classic’ & minimal. 

Instagram bloggers, Fashion icons, and editors flok to the city during Fashion Week on the lookout for the next big fashion movement. And as usual Copenhagen doesn't disappoint. With its Scandi-Nordic design aesthetics firmly in place, and a sustainable approach as its backdrop, Copenhagan Fashion Week is putting its mark on the fashion scene that has been traditionally dominated by its European counterparts, thanks to its progressive nature, and chic, simple and timeless outfits.         

It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for trend inspiration from Scandanavian Street Style, & up-and-coming Scandi brands, if you want to stay ahead-of-the curve with fashion and style.